Oncology & Life-Altering Illness

Anne Marie is very well experienced in massage for oncology and other life-altering illness, and has the hands-on experience of nearly 20 years working in both clinical private studio and in home/hospice settings. Oncology Massage is the modification of existing massage therapy techniques in order to safely work with complications of cancer and cancer treatment. For people living with cancer, massage is still a viable option for relaxation, decreasing anxiety, reducing pain and nausea, as well as many other potential benefits. But massage for people living with cancer is different. Massage for people receiving radiation or chemotherapy requires a therapist who has the knowledge and ability to assess the appropriateness of the level of pressure, contraindications, medication, and therapy side effects through a thorough medical assessment. Therapists must know how to massage clients at risk for lymph edema (often a side effect of surgical node dissection or radiation to nodes in a given area). People who have blood cancers are also in need of a therapist able to assess the appropriateness of massage when blood counts are low to determine if there is a risk of infection or possible bleeding. Oncology massage therapists must be mindful of positioning when medical appliances are being used, such as a port, IV, catheter, or ostomy bags. Utilizing a massage therapist who has extensive knowledge and education in oncology massage will add to the confidence and comfort of the client. Massage is a wonderful respite from cancer treatments, invasive procedures, and some side effects of medicine. Clients often remark that massage gives them the opportunity to be pain-free, worry-free, and experience true peace for the first time in many days, weeks, or months.